KARACHI - Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday inaugurated Kalidas Dam in Nagarparkar with the storage capacity of 1,012.3 acre feet which was constructed with the cost of Rs333 million.

While addressing the inauguration ceremony, Murad Ali Shah said that Kalidas Dam had been constructed one kilometre away from Nagarparkar and the current water level was 13 feet in the small dam.

The dam has storage capacity up to 1,012.3 acre feet and its height is 13 feet which was construction at the spot of the catchment area of Karoonjhar Mountains feasible for small dams, he added.

CM Shah said that the construction of 23 small dams had been completed after the Sindh government started the project of 42 small dams, whereas, the plan for building more 26 dams was finalised.

“After the construction of 34 dams, approximately 80,000 acres of land will be made fertile.”

The CM said that the people of Nagarparkar and its suburban villages would get clean drinking water after the construction of Kalidas Dam.

The mountainous region of Karoonjhar is 400 square kilometre wide and it receives an average of 13-inch rain during the monsoon season which provides a total of 111,000 acre feet water. Kalidas Dam will reduce the water scarcity in the Nagarparkar area, said Shah.

He detailed that nearly 50 villages were getting water from 23 dams and more 85,000 acres of land would be made fertile and populated after the construction of 42 small dams this year. Murad Ali Shah thanked the local citizens for expressing confidence in Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in the general election.

He vowed that the Sindh government would set up reserve prices of wheat from the next year in order to facilitate farmers. Shah said that the local residents had the first right to utilise coal resources of Tharparkar.