Honouring the promise made to highlight the brutalities that plague Kashmir, and the denial of fundamental human rights, PM Imran Khan asserted that Pakistan would be open to peace talks with India, provided that they retreat from Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). Putting aside all differences and animosities, this change in stance comes from a sincere desire to liberate the people of Kashmir from what seems to be a never-ending strife in pursuit for self-determination.

There is much doubt that the Indian government will take this opportunity to perhaps make amends even though this approach, to foster cordial relations going forward, is reasonable, grounded, practical and beneficial for both countries—even generous considering the severity of state-sponsored oppression in IIOK. All it would take is for the Indian government to agree to comply by the UN’s suggested and mandated solution: a plebiscite.

The misplaced bravado that has been displayed by India, especially all through recent years, has caused for regional tensions to remain at an all-time high, disrupting not only the political, economic and social environment of Pakistan and India itself, but neighbouring countries as well—particularly considering that both states are nuclear powers. At some point, the interest of the region and the world at large also has to be prioritised along with the grievances of the Kashmiris. Thus, some initiatives to nurture peace should come from across the border. However, the probability of that is incredibly low given the determined intent with which India refuses to exit the area under military siege.

As one of the largest purported democracies in the world, we must hope that the BJP government is reminded of the importance of the protection of human rights, through pressure from the international community which acknowledges the daily cruelty inflicted upon the people of Kashmir and accepts the friendly request put through by Pakistan. Meanwhile diplomatic efforts to address the Kashmiri causes on all platforms and incur change, should remain consistent if not bettered.