ISLAMABAD - Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK on Wednesday orga­nized a webinar titled ‘Kashmir: Darkness of Occupation’ following the successful dig­ital campaign and demonstration on the oc­casion of Kashmir Black Day in United King­dom.

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan at­tended the webinar as chief guest while President Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat, British MPs including Jess Philips MP, Marco Longhi MP, Stephen Timms MP, Andrew Gwynne MP, James Daly MP, Phil Benion Former MEP, Dr Ghulam Nabi Mir, President World Kash­mir Awareness Forum, Liam Byrne MP, and Kate Hollern MP addressed the event. The conference was moderated by Chair Diplo­matic Bureau TeK UK Uzma Rasool.

In his opening remarks, President Teh­reek-e-Kashmir UK Fahim Kayani said that their powerful voice to raise the human rights violations is influential. 

He said that on Ocotber 27, 1947, the In­dian Army had invaded the state of Jammu and Kashmir in an attempt to subjugate the Kashmiri people.

He said 250,000 Kashmiris were butch­ered in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir (IIOJK). “It is important to turn the Kash­mir movement into an international civil rights movement, we must accelerate this movement to a critical level where it starts, building pressure on the SC, capitals around the world, and India to stop the genocide in Kashmir Kashmiris are key party to dispute, and their presence in the diplomatic pro­cess is important.”

President Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that Kashmiris were demanding the right to self-determination ensured by United Na­tions resolutions.

“Yet Kashmiris have been struggling for freedom since 1947. It is the longest pend­ing issue of the UN agenda, which must be resolved as per the aspirations of Kash­miris,” he said.

UK MP Marco Longhi while addressing the webinar showed solidarity with Kash­miris and said, “I have more than 8000 con­stituents in my constituency, while we talk about lockdown here due to covid-19 but the lockdown and suffering of Kashmiris are beyond imagination.”

Stephen Timms MP, in his address, showed curiosity about more information and updates from the AJK President. He said that additional troops were deployed last year in IIOJK. “Communication block­ade and internet services, including inter­national phone services, were cut off. It is of great importance for my constituents.”

Ghulam Nabi Mir said that Kashmir was going through another darkest day. Kash­miris always resisted tyranny. “Their lands are set to be sold off by Indian business in­terests to Hindutva settlers, who seek a de­mographic solution to Kashmir. India hopes Kashmiris will face the same fate as West Bank Palestinians,” he added. 

Andrew Gwynne MP during his address said, “The 73rd anniversary of the occupa­tion of Kashmir, 73 years of a divided com­munity, abuses of human rights, and to the deprival of the people of Kashmir, right to family life, education, healthcare, and right to whom you are governed and for more than 7 decade Kashmiris have been de­prived of the promises by Indian leaders, and UN resolutions. Its time for the world Community, especially the UK, to tell the story of Kashmir that what happened 73 years ago.” 

James Daly Mp, Joint Chair Conservative Friends of Kashmir, talking about illegal law, said that once could be arrested for 2 years on the house arrest not charged, released the day before and then another 2 years de­tention, there is no functioning legal system to protect the rights. 

Phil Benion said that to put pressure on India we should apply sanctions on India, because if we were willing to threat India with sanctions and willing to put pressure on India then we could hope for change and held it accountable for human rights viola­tions.

Liam Byrne MP said that I think if Biden win the American presidential elections it will change the political atmosphere around the world, particularly it will reduce the ap­peal of the kind of populism, and kind of po­litical philosophy of Modi.

President TeK Fahim Kayani said that the TeK UK was committed to Kashmir cause. “It will keep on exploring new avenues to raise the voice of the besieged and innocent Kashmiris.