We expect from our leaders some radical changes. We want them to start some new industries. Open some new factories that can provide employment to thousands of young boys and girls. Start a new irrigation project that will help thousands of farmers. Start some technical colleges where children can find employment when they pass out. Do something new to attract tourists. Do something meaningful to maintain law and order in the country. Maintain discipline.

These are the things that we expect from our leaders. But, unfortunately, what our leaders do today is just the opposite. They lay foundation stones and spend hours making political speeches. stones and spend hours making political.

Open various things by cutting ribbons. We can see hundreds of opening ceremonies. Real leaders do not waste time for opening ceremonies. Attending various other ceremonies wasting public funds. Go round the world without any benefit to the country.

We want at least in the remaining period of the government that the leaders to show some results. Improve the economy. Establish political stability. Establish financial stability. Improve the rate of growth. Help the private sector to improve so they can provide more employment.

We hope the leaders stop this ribbon cutting culture and do something meaningful. We cannot measure the progress by a number of ribbons or merely making political statements of providing job to jobless and laying foundation stones for building factories and manufacturing units. We measure by the rate of growth, the position of the economy and financial stability.