After the formation of present government, the economic condition of the country has worsened considerably. The present government blames the previous government for this economic downturn but the facts speak for themselves. Look at the economic scenario of Pakistan before January 2008; the foreign reserves of Pakistan were more than 16 billion dollars, stock markets were booming, KSE touching the limit of 16000 points. The exchange rate was at a stable Rs. 60 per dollar. There were some problems, of course. Lack of electricity, high price of oil in international market, uncertain situation in the country and rising inflation contributed to some degree towards the present mess but the country was still far more stable. However, after the formation of new government, the stock market simply fell like a stone with the index registering a record fall of 6000 points. The foreign reserves of Pakistan diminished to barely 10 billion dollars and exchange rate jumped to an astronomical Rs 73 per dollar. Besides this financial ruin, the crisis present in the previous government have continued unabated. The new government seemingly has no interest in resolving the real issues of the country. -MUHAMMAD IBTESAM, Karachi, via e-mail, September 14.