Aitzaz Ahsan, President SCBA, during his recent visit to New York and President Zardari, soon after in Islamabad, have made statements to the effect that Dr Aafia's case is more a test of the "American Justice" rather than a test of justice to Dr Aafia alone. The questions arise as to: Whether this is the first test of US justice or the US justice has already been tried several times with extremely negative results? Whether it is not already established, despite loose claims of secularity by the concerned quarters, that the US justice and as a matter of fact the justice of most of the western or Christian - dominated countries has dual faces: one for the Christians and Jews and the other for the Muslims? The standards of justice, honesty and fair play of the US and its associate western countries have been well exposed by: "    Their invasion of Iraq on the pretext of presence of weapons of mass destruction and by their continuing the occupation of that country and the massacre of its inhabitants even after the establishment of the fact that the plea was false and 'cooked'. "    Their brutal invasion of Afghanistan after arbitrary fixation of responsibility of the 9/11 incident on a primitive people who had not used any weapon beyond a rifle and a machine gun, who lived in mud houses and caves, who could not use a computer and who had not seen any country of the world beyond Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Now coming to the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqi, the following injustices have already been committed by US government in her case: "    On March 30, 2003 her taxi (on way to Karachi airport) was intercepted on main University road and she was kidnapped along with her 3 children and transported by air to Afghanistan the same day. This was totally an unlawful act, whether accomplished alone by the US agencies or with the help of the sold out Government of Pakistan. "    Aafia's children then aged 6 months to 6 years were separated from her the same day and they were also flown to Kabul. Two younger ones were given to some orphanage without any record while the elder boy (Muhammad Ahmad) was kept in juvenile jails and, at times, in isolation cells in the custody of US or Italian soldiers. Every time he was given a new name and a new story of his past to be told. He was scolded at and at times physically punished for making any mistakes in replaying the given version. "    Dr Aafia was kept in complete isolation from April 2003 till early 2007at the notorious Bagram jail of the Americans north of Kabul. During this period she was subjected to the worst-possible physical and mental torture. Her late night screams have been heard and reported in the media by a number of prisoners who were kept there during that period (Moazzam Beg etc). During this very period her face was deformed and altered through plastic surgery for unknown reasons. She was forced to have a new identity and a new name-again for unknown reasons. That her face has been changed can be ascertained by comparing Dr Aafia's current picture with her old pictures. "    Dr Aafia is understood to have been shifted from Bagram jail to the private jail of the American Embassy in Islamabad in mid 2007 and kept in one of the prisons there. Here also she was kept in complete isolation but was not tortured physically. She received a better treatment here with better food. From American embassy she is understood to have been shifted to the control of ISI, Islamabad and remained in their custody for sometime. "    Towards the end of 2007 Aafia was handed over by ISI to FIA Lahore. Here she was given still better treatment. From time to time she was allowed to go outside her FIA jail in a black burqa with the condition to arrange to proceed to Afghanistan at her own. "    The Pakistani agencies were also kind enough to issue Aafia a fake national identity card (NIC) with a photo of her changed face but with a new name (possibly Saliha) and with a fake address of Karachi. The said NIC has been personally seen by the author of these lines in possession of Aafia on January 23,.2008 in Islamabad when she, all of a sudden, visited his house in Sector F- 7/1 in a black burqa. The Pakistani agencies were also kind enough to give a proper amount of money to Aafia to meet her travelling and hotel expenses. She also carried a quite large black bag nearly half full of mainly books. This very hand bag was later 'converted' by Afghan police and FBI 'experts' in Ghazni, Afghanistan on July 18, 2008, into a bag full of explosive material which was claimed to be exploded by Aafia in a suicidal attack in Ghazni by her own son, Muhammad Ahmad. "    According to the pre-set plan of FBI/FIA the poor and well trapped Aafia arrived in Kabul from Lahore in the second week of July 2008 apparently with the assistance of FBI/FIA agents. The FBI agent (a Pakistani) disguised as Taliban agent at Kabul promised Aafia the delivery of Master Muhammad Ahmed to her at Ghazni and advised her to proceed to the Talibans of Ghazni province where she and her son Ahmad could be more safe. And on her arrival in Ghazni on July 16, 2008, the police chief of Ghazni was telephonically informed by an unknown person that a dangerous foreign lady has arrived in Ghazni with the intention of destroying Ghazni and its inhabitants. The whereabouts of the lady were also given in detail. The police went out and easily captured the 'bomber lady'. The bomber lady and the young boy (brought by US soldiers from Kabul the same day) were produced in a media briefing by the police chief on July 18, 2008. But the chief who opted to speak in Pashto rather than Persian or English, so that Aafia and her son Ahmed were not able to know as to what he was saying about them. "    Next day five US army officials including the Pakistani lady rushed to the Ghazni police station, told the police chief that the lady was not Saliha and the boy was not Ali Ihsan rather the lady was Dr Aafia Siddiqi and the boy was her son Ahmed. Just after uttering these words one of the officers opened fire on Aafia without any provocation. He apparently aimed at the breast but the bullets (2 or three) hit her belly. The 'brave' US army officers left the site considering her as dead. But the Afghan police chief and his staff on knowing the reality lifted up the seriously wounded and heavily bleeding Aafia and rushed to the Ghazni hospital where the Afghan doctors worked hard to save her life and by the grace of Allah they were successfully in doing so. However, another version of the story is that Aafia, after being hit by bullets, was shifted by US soldiers to Bagram air base north of Kabul and she was treated there. "    The 'honest' and 'law-abiding' Americans knowing that the Afghan police officials who were the eye-witnesses of the incident could not be persuaded to tell lies and narrate the American-cooked story, shifted the wounded and still under treatment Aafia in a hurry to New York on August 4, 2008 but instead of admitting her in a hospital they admitted her in a New York jail with her hands and feet chained. Now in view of the foregoing the following points need special attention: "    Shifting of the wounded and still bleeding Aafia from Ghazni to New York in that condition was unjust and inhuman. "    Instead of admitting her in a hospital she was taken to a jail handcuffed and feet-chained. This was another unjust and inhuman act. And she is still, when I am writing these lines (September 19, 2008) handcuffed and feet-chained. "    No treatment of any kind was allowed to her for 2 to 3 days. When on the appeal of her attorney the judge ordered proper medical examination and treatment, she was simply given 2 Aspirin tablets by the jail staff. Everybody having a little knowledge of medicines knows, that giving an aspirin to a bleeding person is not a treatment rather it is poisoning the wounded person because aspirin thins out the blood and instead of stopping it enhances the bleeding. "    After repeated appeals of the Aafia's attorney to the court of law for her examination by a qualified doctor, a male doctor was called in who recorded his views after examining her that "She should be immediately admitted to a hospital for treatment." But it was never honoured. Does it meet justice requirement from any standard? Can any other nation on earth act so inhuman as the Americans have acted in case of Dr Aafia and many others? "    Dr Aafia, after being transported to New York has been deprived of her main witnesses i.e. the Ghazni police chief and his staff present at the site of the incident. Is it not totally unjust and unlawful? "    In the selection of the venue of Aafia's trial all cunningness and partiality is evident: The court selected is not only a US court (instead of an Afghan court in Afghanistan) but a court in the city of New York that too located hardly a mile away from the site of Twin Towers destroyed on September 11, 2001. This is apparently a deliberate attempt to poison the minds of the jury and the local public against Aafia. All this is aimed at the goal that she should not be able to get justice. Is it justice? "    She was separated from her children at the time of her kidnapping and still since the last five and a half years she remains separated even when no guilt has been proved as yet and the children have already been located. Is it permissible from any standard of justice? "    Dr Aafia's elder son Master Muhammad Ahmed has been repatriated to her family at Islamabad on September 15, 2008. But despite best efforts of her family members and their lawyers in USA this good news has not been allowed to be passed on to her till yet (September 19, 2008). This is apparently in a brutal and mischievous endeavour to see that the tortured and dying Aafia may not recover on hearing this hopeful and pleasant news. Does it stay at any level of humanity? Does it stay at any level of justice? Is it not a mockery of justice? In consideration of above one feels fully justified to conclude that the American's wish that Dr Aafia should die in their captivity un-met with her family and un-met with the free media so that the world is not able to know the tales of the inhuman physical and mental torture which they have inflicted upon her during the last 5 and a half years. The writer is ex-chief Geologist, Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Islamabad, and maternal uncle of Dr Aafia Siddiqi E-mail: