ISLAMABAD- Speakers at a seminar "Menace of Pollution" held here on Sunday highlighted the need of mass awareness regarding environmental issues and urged concrete efforts for making the country free of pollution. Participants of the seminar observed that besides far reaching destruction, the increasing pollution was causing a number of diseases like cancer, eye diseases, skin, lungs and sharp decline in quality of life. They observed that pollution had reduced longevity and was a cause of frequent premature deaths. Aman Welfare Society organised the seminar. Experts at the seminar said that lake of awareness among the general masses was one of the basic reasons behind the growing pollution in urban as well as rural areas. Owing to lack of awareness, Pakistan Aman Party Chairman Haji Muhammad Gulzar Awan said that the situation getting more and more worst. He said a single person could not mitigate the menace, but the whole nation would have to make collective efforts to root out pollution and to ensure quality of life for our present and future generations. He said the people were unaware of the fact referred by the World Health Organisation in its recent report that more than half of the world's population cook food with wood, dung, coal and other solid fuels over open fires or on simple stoves inside their homes, and that simple act is killing 1.5 million people every year. Speaking on the occasion, famous poet, Nisar Nasik said criticised chopping of trees, which, he said, were the natural air filters. He said the trees were being chopped for use as fuel, for construction and widening of roads and developing housing colonies regardless of the fact that the practice was wreaking havoc on environment of our country. He urged the government to immediately stop the practice and offer initiatives for the general public to plant more trees instead of chopping down the present ones. He said efforts should be made to provide alternate fuel sources to the people residing in hilly areas and near forests to save this wealth, a major source of pollution amalgamation. He also criticised the increasing use of plastic bags. He said the extensive use of plastic bags was a big cause of the ineffective drainage systems in many of the cities of the country as the bags chocked the drains. He urged the government to curb plastic bag production and make the people aware of its possible. Shimmering bangles add Eid joys Buying shimmering glass bangles matched with the fervent colours of Eid dresses and adorning hands and feet with henna being essential features of Eid festivities multiply the joys. After a month of fasting, usually all young and old ones make plans to enjoy Eidul Fitr that arrives with much festivity and celebration. Besides illuminated shops, huge rush of eid shoppers can also be witnessed on bangles and Henna stalls exclusively arranged to facilitate women. The owners of the stalls wait for the last customer till late night to sell their items. "It is the most exciting part of the year that provide us the chance to do celebrations.  I enjoy going to bazaar with my friends to buy jewelry, henna, bangles and other traditional items" said Zainab while reminding joys of shopping. City streets wear a festive look with the stalls carrying multi-coloured bangles set up in front of decorated malls ,which remain open till late night to facilitate the customers. "The local markets of the twin cities are found full with youth and families to enjoy the delightful moments of Eid shopping, specially the young girls come to buy bangles, a senior shopkeeper remarked. Besides hustle and bustle of eid shopping, special appointments are being made in the beauty parlours for make up and applying intricate patterns of Henna on hands and feet. "We take appointment from a beautician before one week. A great rush is observed in all the beauty parlours because all the young girls like to be stylish on the occasion of Eid. Different henna patterns are applied on the hands of the girls till late at night in the parlours. We enjoy all these activities on the Chaand Raat" a group of young girls said in excitement.