Silence, sometimes, is implicit consent, half or full. People think government's silence in the case of COAS making a statement on foreign policy is, indeed, so. Thank you Mr Kayani for keeping our chins up. May Allah bless our nation, our armed forces and the true Pakistanis who are spending sleepless night fighting 'Bush the Terror'. He cannot cower determination of 16 crore people who are more lethal than a nuclear bomb in themselves. If our entire people turn to the call of Jihad, George Bush and his cohorts would not be able to invade our homeland. The people of Pakistan must unite and so should our politicians. Let PML-Q stop haggling with PPP-Z. Let the Jiyala Governor Punjab stand in line behind PML-N so that we can fight our enemies as a unified force. Let MMA, APDM, ANP and MQM also make a united front to thwart the evil designs of our enemies. -GHULAM OMAR, Peshawar, via e-mail, September 14.