KARACHI - The new management of the KESC has got its first attractive salaries worth millions of rupees, reliable sources told The Nation here on Sunday. As the government has announced that the salaries in all the companies and government offices should be issued before Eid, the KESC management proves its efficiency by issuing huge salaries of their new CEO and 40 directors on Saturday. The new CEO, Naveed Ismail, had been a whopping amount of Rs 4.2 million, which proves to be the highest amount ever paid to any CEO of the company. The Chief Financial Officer, Jaleel Tarin, has got the handsome package of Rs 3.5 million. Jan Abbas Zaidi, chief operation officer distribution, Dale Sinkler, chief officer generation and distribution along with Zafar Usmani, director human resource, have got the attractive amount of Rs 2.5 million each as their first salaries from the company. It is also worth mentioning that rest of the 40-member team of directors is also provided with the handsome amount of Rs 0.4 to 0.5 million each. It is to be noted here that these directors have been appointed on the posts where the officials are already working. These salaries which have been offered to the new team of management are an added burden to the fragile financial condition of the company. It is worth mentioning that company has Rs 63 billion as liabilities. The new buyers have successfully curtailed this huge amount of debts by their successful negotiations with the government. The government has ensured the Abraj Group that these liabilities will be owned by the government. The company has operated its functions without any top-level management and this situation has left the company with huge amount of debts. On the other hand, corruption has taken over the company immensely. No department in the company is saved from this malpractice. It is by far the biggest challenge for the new management to stop this criminal activity that has deeply rooted in the company. It remains inquisitive that with such gigantic debts how the utility will manage its affairs after paying such a huge sum in remuneration of the new management. On the other hand, the shopping activities in the City has gained momentum and the City again faced another phase of loadshedding after two weeks of relaxed situation of power outages. This commercial consumption of electricity has hiked the power outages in the residential areas of the metropolitan during late night hours. The situation is not favourable even during day time as far as the areas that has commercial markets in their localities are concerned. The cause of this hike in power consumption is the theft of electricity. The Eid stalls placed in the markets are giving bribes to the authorities concerned on daily basis. "We are paying to all of the concerned people, in order to have our stalls functioning and well placed in the market," said a stall holder. "Eid is the time when we can earn something for our families; increased inflation has made lives of people miserable but we have no other option left but to grease their palms," he added. The shopping activities in the City suffered till the mid of Ramazan due to loadshedding. The condition has changed as the government officials after meeting the new buyers of the KESC, asked the company to provide relief to the citizens. The loadshedding has now again took its span at late night hours. The areas near the commercial markets are badly affected. "Due to huge consumption of electricity during nights by the shopping centres, we have to suffer two to three hours of loadshedding at late night. The situation was improved for few days, but now, the KESC has started its previous routine again," said the resident of PECHS area. Meanwhile, the Bin Qasim power plant has supplied the City with 850MWs of this utility. The IPPs and the KANUPP resume the same condition as the previous day. The amount supplied to the City remained 1900MWs while desired amount is 2300MWs. "The electricity situation is only interrupted if there is any breakdown in the City," said the KESC source.