PESHAWAR - Authorities on Sunday opened the Pak-Japan Friendship Tunnel and Indus Highway for all kinds of traffic after a break of one month. The tunnel was closed owing to the military operation by security forces against militants. Siraj Ahmad Khan, District Coordination Officer (DCO) Kohat, who is also the Political Agent of Dara Adam Khel, has announced opening of the road following the completion of military operation in the area. The security forces also declared ceasefire in the area during Eidul Fitre. The Indus Highway and Kohat Tunnel are not only connecting Peshawar with southern districts of the province and tribal region but even it also play a key role in supplies and exports to Afghanistan. The tribesmen from Dara Adam Khel informed that right from Speena Thana till entrance to Tunnel, the Indus Highway is guarded by heavy contingents of the security forces. All link roads and routes are blocked and no one is allowed to enter the populated areas. According to administration's decision, the Indus Highway and Kohat Tunnel will be opened for traffic right from dawn till dust. The road is opened only for light and passenger vehicles. However, in near future, the road could be opened for heavy vehicles. The People of southern districts and tribal areas have expressed their happiness over the opening of Kohat Tunnel. Later, the security forces launched operation against the militants, which according to high-ranking military authorities remained very successful. A number of important Taliban commanders were either killed or netted out. Whereas two top commanders were reportedly slipped into the adjacent Aurakzai Agency.