ISLAMABAD  (APP) - Pakistan Railways has failed to keep its legacy of running more than a dozen Eid Special Trains on Eidul Fitr as Railway authorities have announced to run only five Eid Special trains this year. These trains will be run between various cities of the country on September 29 and 30. However, the passengers term the number "unsatisfactory", and say five Eid trains would not be able to meet the requirements as thousands of labourers, businessmen, workers, officials and people from all walks of life would suffer due to the lack of travelling medium. "For short distances, Buses and coaches suite. But for longer distance, trains are the only medium of travelling as people want to visit their homes to celebrate Eid with their families and loved ones living in far-flung areas," said Muhammad Hashim, a labourer working in AJK. "I want to visit my hometown, but I have been time and again denied reservation despite the fact I have visited Railway Station, Rawalpindi, twice," he said and added Pakistan Railways should have run more trains so as the poor could travel to their hometowns on Eid," said Qasim Abro, a resident of Tando Adam. Meanwhile, the Railway official said the sale of tickets for the Eid special trains is in full swing since September 20."One Eid Special train each would run between Karachi-Peshawar; Karachi-Sargodha and Quetta-Peshawar on September 29.  While one train would run between Lahore and Rawalpindi, and Rawalpindi and Lahore on September 30," he added. When asked whether or not the number of Eid Special Trains would meet the requirements of the travellers, the Railway official said Railways would have to bear additional expenses of around Rs 500 million due to recent increase in diesel prices. Mustafa Ali, a passenger, said the government had provided huge funds to the Railway department to maintain the service, but the administration was unable to deliver. "Despite the fact that nine months have passed sine the December riots, the Railways management is yet to repair the damaged trains," he added."Pakistan Railways has a legacy of running around 10-15 Special Eid Trains but the department is unable to keep up to its traditions this year as only five Eid trains are being run this year," Ali Muhammad, another passenger said.