BAGHDAD (AFP) - At least 13 people were killed and 36 wounded in two vehicle bombings in the west of the Iraqi capital on Sunday, including one near a Shiite mosque, a security official told AFP. A bomb in a minibus parked near the mosque in Baghdad's Shurta neighbourhood killed 12 people and wounded 35 others, he said, while a second car bombing killed one person and wounded another in Hai al-Amil. Both the attacks took place in the western Baghdad neighbourhoods just minutes before the end of the daily Ramazan dawn-to-dusk fast. A medic at Baghdad's Yarmuk Hospital confirmed receiving bodies of at least six victims. Earlier on Sunday, one person was killed and three wounded by a roadside bomb in the capital's once upscale western district of Mansur, security officials said. A Kurdish mayor of a northern Iraqi town was also wounded in a separate roadside bombing in Saadiyah near the Kurdish-dominated city of Khanaqin, along with six of his guards, police said. Saadiyah mayor Ahmad al-Zarqushi survived the attack, police Major Shriko Baajilan said. "The mayor and six of his men were wounded." The attack came a day after a member of the Kurdish peshmerga security forces was killed when Iraqi police raided a peshmerga post in the nearby troubled town of Jalawla, also near Khanaqin in the restive province of Diyala. Tension is high between Iraqi forces and peshmerga who moved into the region after they were asked to help a drive against Al-Qaeda insurgents in the unruly province of Diyala, where Jalawla is a Kurdish enclave.