General Musharraf's former spokesperson, Rashid Qureshi, has given us good news that his (former) boss is in good health. He plays tennis, swims and meets friends and their families regularly. When will Mr. Qureshi give us the still better news of his boss leaving the COAS residence that he is not authorized to occupy? Although the former strongman enjoys life of luxury on state expense, he virtually remains a captive. His security deprives the poor nation of millions of rupees every month so one wonders what happened the many friends at high places in the foreign governments that he claimed to have? Surely they can provide him with a safe haven somewhere far, far away from Pakistan. Mr Musharraf has had the time of his life at this nation's expense in the last eight years in which he caused immense damage to it by destroying all our national institutions. People will not be satisfied as long as he is holed up in the Army House here. It is time for him to realise that he is the most detested man in this country and must disappear for good as quickly as he can. He should be allowed to take his faithful spokesperson with him. -MEHRAN LEGHARI, Lahore, via e-mail, September 13.