In Punjab's politically charged environment every job appointment creates its critics. This time it is provincial mandarins experiencing heart burns at seeing the newly created post of Chairman, Parks and Horticulture Authority go, not to a bureaucrat but horrors, a man actually working in the horticulture field. Apparently Ahsan Iqbal may have lost his job in the centre but his brother Mustapha Kamal has just gained this prized slot in Punjab. The baboos are calling this plain nepotism because as they put it, does the man have a master's degree in political science or economics or even history? Where, they say, is his life-time achievement of sitting in an office and managing file logistics? Brother Kamal has neither. Never mind if he is an entrepreneur in the horticulture business whose label "Plant Care" participated in the green revolution of the late eighties and early nineties securing him many a lucrative contracts of parks, banks and business offices. In the nineties he even got the job of keeping the PM and CM house and gardens green. There was perhaps some support from his late high profile mother but he did make his mark much earlier than brother Ahsan Iqbal. However bureaucracy still has a grouse. Where is the degree and seniority? * * * * * * * * * * * * * PPP may not be in the driving seat in Punjab but party parliamentarians are giving signals that they soon will be. Insiders tell us that party MNAs and MPAs are piling up demands and are unwilling to tolerate any delays by government functionaries. Bureaucrats displaying a forensic attitude or suspected of delaying tactics are firmly told off with a  "If you don't do it now we will have it done next month anyway."  With Guv Taseer too quiet for comfort, is this merely a lull before the storm? * * * * * * * * * * * * * There is something brewing among golfers at the Lahore Gymkhana Club. Apparently some claim that the golf committee's captain and vice captain cheated at the Garrison Club tournament, quite simply by providing false scores. It is claimed that the two were found out and disciplined. However buddies at Gymkhana hushed up matters so the two can lead the team on the Indian tour. However two of their golf mates are not giving up investigations.