ISLAMABAD - The owner of Inter-Risk Security Company Capt (r) Syed Ali Zaidi allegedly trained almost three batches of recruits in the Rawat Industrial Area where he was running a training centre under the label of 'Care and Craft Auto Mobiles. According to reliable sources, foreign trainers used to visit the alleged training centre to train the recruits. It was assumed that Zaidi himself was training the people but there were some reports about foreign trainers who used to come there for training the people, source said. Capt (retired) Ali Jafar Zaidi belonged tot eh SSG and had been detailed to general (retired) Musharraf and ex Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. Sources also revealed that each batch might consist of 25 to 30 recruits who were given different kinds of training including the usage of sophisticated weapons. These trained guys after completion of their training were reportedly sent or deputed with a foreign embassys official, a source informed. He also stated that Captain Zaidi was getting $ 2000 for each trained guy while his trained people were getting Rs 40,000 per head as their salary. The alleged training centre was closed when the police raided the Centre 18/19 September, the source added. A red coloured three/four floor building with a huge yard is situated in Rawat Industrial Area. The building was surrounded with walls and green sheets while a fence was also used on the walls. Labourers of the nearby factories, when asked, told that the auto workshop may have been closed for Ramazan, but when it was open, no body was allowed to go in. certainly there were no cars to be seen for auto repairs It is worth recalling that Islamabad Police raided the house of Zaidi but he was not found while police recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition including 61 repeater guns, pistols and a rifle. However, according to Zaidis lawyer Syed Murtaza Ali, Zaidi had got an interim bail (bail before arrest).