ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority has failed to follow up the anti-encroachment operation, paving way for the encroachers to reoccupy public land in Sectors I-11 and 1-10. The Sectors I-10 and I-11 have become hub of encroachments, while the owners of the makeshift stalls there openly claim that they pay huge bribes to the CDA inspectors deputed for the area. The encroachers have illegally occupied the aforesaid sectors busiest roads and they are running their businesses on roadside makeshift stalls near 'Sabzimandi Mor which is not only creating hurdles for the motorists but also badly affecting the businesses of tax paid traders. A couple of months back, CDA launched a campaign across the city to remove all illegal structures present on main roads, especially from the said sectors, in order to provide footpaths to pedestrians and to remove traffic hurdles. CDA anti-encroachment staffers had launched drive and removed almost all the illegal structures from here few months ago but later it came to a standstill and the officials did not bother to carry out any follow-up drive. It was observed that encroachers have reoccupied the land only after a few days. Residents have alleged that the CDA officials had reached silent agreements with the encroachers. They said the encroachers offered large bribe to the CDA inspectors, who were supposed to report and remove the structures. Consequently, these inspectors kept misguiding their seniors about the presence of encroachments. As a result, the encroachers, varying from small stallholders to owners of illegal bus terminals, have reoccupied the public land after the campaigns failure. The big traffic jumbles have become a routine near Sabzimandi Mor due to heavy encroachment, these sequences of traffic blockage are being intensified with the passage of time and citizens have to manage massive nuisances daily. The CDA concerned department official said that they would demolish the rebuilt structures in the follow-up operations under a crash programme, and had formulated a strategy to the effect. More than a concerned department, it is the responsibility of the citizens and the area dwellers that they keep eye on such fishy characters those encroached upon public property and have marred the beauty of the city, he added. The failure of the CDA to eradicate encroachments has also marred the beauty of the city. With this, the civic agency has also failed in its aim to transform federal capital into a beautiful city, which would be in accordance with international standards. Meanwhile, the growing number of encroachments in Abpara market has become a security threat for the locals, traders have said. Abpara is the oldest and busiest market of Islamabad, but due to the enormous encroachments, improper parking and inappropriate system of security by federal police have busted the business of traders. There is no proper system of parking in the markets and it has become almost impossible for locals to do shopping, shopkeepers and visitors said. Shah Mehmood a motorist said, I am finding a place to park my car for the last half hour, but unfortunately no traffic warden is present here on duty and secondly mostly streets have been occupied by vendors. While pedestrians complained that it is tough to do shopping in this situation and it has become a dream for them to walk on foot paths because it is unfeasible for them to find a place even to stand thats they prefer to do shopping from another markets rather than Abpara. Mostly shopkeepers accused few CDA officials for not taking strict action against encroachers and are involved in taking bribes from them and supporting them. This is a failure of the anti encroachment department of CDA that after every few months it announces to launch a grand operation against encroachers, but one cant see any major difference. A shopkeeper Mr. Abdul complained. It is observed that foreigners have stopped visiting Abpara market because of lal mosque operation and security lapse in that area. Shopkeepers of Abpara market demanded of the govt to direct the CDA officials and police high command to remove the encroachments and provide security and improve the parking system immediately.