HAYDEN Panettiere thinks more celebrities should donate their time and money to charitable causes. The Heroes actress - who is involved with numerous charities - sees herself as an example for other young Hollywood residents to follow when it comes to highlighting aid work, good causes and making a difference. It is very important and it is a responsibility in this position, Hayden said. There are people who work their entire lives towards these causes and by saying one thing and doing a little bit of publicity work we can really help the situation. Fortunately in the position were in people want to see what we do every day and want to follow suit so it is a very fortunate powerful position to be in that shouldnt be misused. Hayden, 20, recently revealed she worries about making mistakes - because she considers her status as a role model a real responsibility. Being a role model is a real responsibility because youre judged so harshly and any little mistake you make could appear huge in other peoples eyes, she said. SS I worry a lot about messing up. People have to understand that Im still young and Im going to be selfish and do silly things that Ill regret. Im not perfect, and thats really hard when so many young girls look up to you. SS