Karachi (PPI) - Coordinator of Pakistan Peoples Pary Central Secretariat, Karachi, Taj Haider had expressed deep regrets over the appointment of Ex-IG Sindh Rana Maqbool as Prosecution Secretary (PS), Government of Punjab. In a statement on Monday, he recalled that Rana Maqbool thrust on Sindh as IG Police through an out of turn promotion and posting by the Nawaz Sharif government had played havoc in Sindh with gross abuses of human rights and political victimisation. His close associate relations with the Sharif brothers had made him oblivious to all laws, the courts and the provincial authorities including that of the Governor of Sindh. The Sindh Assembly in which PPP was the largest party, having been illegally suspended by Mian Nawaz Sharif, Rana Maqbool engineered the attempt to eliminate Asif Ali Zardari. He is still a declared absconder in this case regarding murder attempt and torture Zardari in the Sindh High Court. Mr. Zardari, then a member of the Senate was shifted from Karachi Central Prison, where he was being held in judicial custody to Civil Lines police station Karachi without any remand orders. Alarmed at this development hundreds of PPP Karachi workers collected before the police station to keep a round the clock vigil and a delegation of senior PPP leaders rushed to see Governor Moinuddin Haider. The Governor had called the Chief Secretary, the Home Secretary and IG Rana Maqbool for this meeting with the PPP leaders. At first Rana Maqbool said that he did not know that Mr. Zardari had been shifted to the police station. He was firmly reminded that he was not on leave and he aught to know that an important Senator had been illegally shifted to a police station. The PPP delegation did not ask for any concessions from the Governor. We pointed out that the shifting was against the law and had been done with dangerous ulterior motives. We demanded that his sister should be allowed to provide food from the house and supply bedding, which were a right of every prisoner. PPP leaders informed the Governor that they shall approach the Sindh High Court the next morning and the orders of the SHC should be binding on both the sides. While the Governor and other officials agreed to these demands without any hesitation, Rana Maqbool raised objection that the opinion of Advocate General Sindh had to be obtained on this issue. The Home Secretary telephoned me that day around midnight informing me that food and bedding could be supplied to Mr. Zardari in the Civil Lines police station. Ms Faryal Talpur rushed to the police station with food and bedding and waited there the whole night but the police refused to deliver the articles to Mr. Zaradri in spite of the governments assurance given to me. The next morning Justice Issani of the Sindh High Court was pleased to order that Mr. Zardari should be shifted to hospital immediately. We kept pursuing the matter of shifting Mr. Zardari throughout that day and late into the night. The Governor kept assuring us that he was making arrangements for the safeI shifting of Mr. Zardari to the Agha Khan Hospital but obviously he was having problems in getting clearance from his superiors. Mr. Zardaris torture, the murder attempt on him in the police station and his shifting to Agha Khan Hospital in a critical condition under the protection of Rangers after the Sindh High Court issued orders on our contempt petition on the following day are a matter of legal record. Rana Maqbool remains a declared absconder in the case. Soon after, Governor Moinuddin Haider was removed from his post. In spite of the political differences, I felt that it was my gentleman duty to thank him for his help at that crucial juncture. I telephoned him and he graciously replied that he had only done his duty. Both of us well understood that he had been removed for this very particular act of doing his duty. PPP has followed a policy of forgive and forget ever since it was promised that mistakes shall not be repeated. The worst critics of President Zardari and the Government cannot site a single example of revenge or political vendetta, while those of forgiveness are countless. Is Rana Maqbool, an absconder from law being brought back on this high position in order to reward him for his past brutalities against President Zardari and others? Does his appointment mean that the ongoing political vendetta against political opponents in Punjab of political opponents and the coercion to change political loyalties is being further intensified? Or is it the fear of exposure of more names whose instructions Rana Maqbool Mr. Taj Haider qestioned. Mr. Taj Haider demanded that those who have been making tall claims of Justice and freedom of judiciary must relieve Rana Maqbool of his post and compel him to present himself before the law to explain serious charges of torturing President Zardari.