It was a very sad day when many women were killed in a stampede in a Karachi street where they had gathered to collect 'atta' being given free by some philanthropists. So many lives were lost needlessly. I remember long time back in 50's or 60's when there used to be a government-sponsored campaign in the media telling people about how to make a line and wait patiently for their turn. Things have deteriorated so much that the concept of making a queue has become irrelevant. What we saw in Karachi was the result of this lack of public education. Instead of ruling the people, the government should try to reform the people and build their character. That can start from a very simple and doable thing like teaching them to make a queue. The government should advertise the benefits of ethics like standing in line and waiting for one's turn. The government offices and institutions of public service like the banks etc should forcefully and vigorously enforce these ethics. Too many times I have seen young people standing in the line reserved for senior citizens or a friend of the boss, or someone related or important simply bypassing the entire line to stand at the head to the anguish and dismay of all those standing in line for hours. -MAHMOOD AHMED, Lahore, September 28.