LAHORE - Quaid-e-Azam wanted to see Pakistan an independent and self-reliant country. He rendered untold sacrifices for the country and the nation. The younger generation should ask the elders why they have not transformed Pakistan as envisioned by the Quaid. This was stated by Begum Bushra Rehman, MNA, at a lecture organised by Nazria Pakistan Trust in collaboration with Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust in connection with the Khutbat-e-Quaid at the Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Monday. Begum Khurshid Niazi presided over the ceremony. She said the Quaid achieved this country in the name of Islam and he wanted a constitution based on Quranic injunctions. She said Pakistan is like paradise and we should take care of it. She said we have to face poverty and dependence on others due to wrong policies of rulers. She said girls should make Madre Millat role model. They should love Pakistan like their mother and keep the country clean like their homes. The girls should not be misled by Indian propaganda and culture. India has not accepted Pakistan from its heart, she added. She said India wants to convert Pakistan into a desert. She also briefed the audience on the Hindu culture and their religion. She said had their been a uniform syllabus from the onset, Pakistan would have grown as envisioned by the Quaid. She stressed for national unity and solidarity. We should not teach British history and Indian history after creation of Pakistan. She said enemies are conspiring against Pakistan Begum Khurshid Niazi said Hindu cannot be friend of Pakistan. Begum Safia Ishaq thanked the guests.