Praise be to Allah that media in our country is more than free. This freedom has many good aspects that are necessary to keep our unrestrained rulers under check. But this check is not yielding any results. The rulers representatives continue to defend their masters shamelessly. In popular lingo, we would call them 'chiknay garrhay'. In talk shows, whenever the question of Mr. Zardari not bringing his wealth to Pakistan is raised, the answer is usually duds and carries no relevance to the question. No body from PPP has ever answered this question. The question equally applies to Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhries, Rehman Malik, Altaf Hussein and many others. There is a very funny aspect to our media too. For example even if Mr. Altaf Hussein so much as yawns in London, a strip has to be run all night at the bottom of our TV screens saying 'Altaf Hussein nay aaj angraaee lee'. And if a truck gets punctured on the motorway, that too has to appear in the same news strip. The latest in the so-called Breaking News that was being run in the strips today read something like this; "Pakistani aur Bharti wazir-e- kharjah nay garram joshi sey haath milayay". O, private TV channels, have pity on us -ALLAH DITTA, Lahore, September 28.