RAWALPINDI - Following the procession of Tehrik Nifaza-e-Fiqa Jafaria (TNFJ), the worst traffic jam on Monday evening on the citys almost all roads multiplied the miseries of the commuters. On the occasion, people remained snared for hours in long rows of vehicles whereas City Traffic Police (CTP) could not control the heavy flow of traffic in result the city experienced nastiest traffic snag. The procession, led by the tehrik head Syed Hamid Ali Mosoovi, was taken out by TNFJ District Youme Inhadam Jannat-ul-Baqi Committee from Imam Bargah Nasir-ul-Aza Waris Khan to protest against demolishing of sacred places. The procession on Benazir Bhutto Road (BBR) led to a dreadful traffic snag in the city. Though the traffic wardens blocked the road at Moti Mehal Chowk by erecting barricades and traffic diverted the vehicles towards Rawal Road via Tepu Road yet they failed to control the traffic. The roads, where long queues of vehicles could be witnessed, included BBR, Tepu Road, Rawal Road, Mareer Chowk, Saddar, Katchehri, Lal Kurti, Dhoke Seydan Road, 22 Number Chungi, Adaila Road, Raja Bazaar, Liaquat Road, College Road, Arya Mohala, City Saddar Road, Pirwadhai Road, Committee Chowk, Iqbal Road, Dhoke Elahi Bux, Dingi Khoe, Jamia Masjid Road, Rehman Abad, 6th Road, Commercial Market, Double Road (Shamasabad), Kuri Road (Sadiqabad) and Muslim Town. To avoid the traffic rush motorcyclists opted footpaths for a rash travel leaving no room for pedestrians owing to which pedestrians had to face many problems. Some vehicle owners also entered in narrow streets in a bid to reach destination . On many places, the exchange of harsh words between motorcyclist, vehicle owners and pedestrians were witnessed. Pervaiz, a car driver at Dingi Khoe, expressed his concern over the performance of traffic police saying CTP should launch a special traffic plan on the occasion. He said that he has been trapping in traffic snag for last two hours. I have to reach Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) to inquire the health of my uncle, who is admitted there. But in this traffic rush at Murree Road it seems I can not reach till night said Shahid, a motorcyclist at Moti Mehal Chowk. Meanwhile,Chief Traffic Officer, CTO Dr Akhtar Abbas has reiterated his firm resolve to ensure smooth flow of traffic, which he said was the prime objective of the Traffic Police department. The CTO Dr Akhtar Abbas has asked people that in case of any complaint or suggestion, they can contact him on any time. He said prompt action would be initiated on public complaints and their constructive suggestions would always be welcomed and appreciated for implementation. He warned the wardens to meet the requirement and ensure their presence on duty to help facilitate the public, saying no negligence in this regard would be tolerated at any cost. The police in fact was servant to the public and it was their first and foremost obligation to provide every possible assistance to the public, he added.