The filthy and unethical language used by a PPP federal minister on prime time television in a recent talk show is unacceptable conduct. In our conservative society, such behavior is unbecoming of any respectable individual, let alone a parliamentarian given a ministerial assignment. It also reflects badly on the particular TV channel and the concerned anchorperson, which allowed this sort of content to be broadcast live with out caring for the channel's family viewership. Perhaps it is time for various political parties to rethink their criterion for awarding election tickets, as well as important assignments, to persons as uncouth as this. The recent spate of verbal spats involving parliamentarians from across the political divide letting loose on free media has created the need for some rethinking by political parties. A few rotten eggs reflect poorly on the politicians at large and their unruly behaviour is bad for the democratic process. Will the private TV channels consider boycott of the rogue individuals who cannot exercise verbal control, especially in live talk shows, during prime time? -SHAHZAD KHALIL, SIALKOT, September 28.