Imagine a situation where Pakistan was to shrink down to the size of a hostel room, my room at the hostel. With three different ethnicities from three different socio-cultural backgrounds and three different cities living in this room, you can imagine the fireworks that are bound to go off, especially as there are only two small cupboards and a single dressing table. But one of the best aspects of being a student at LUMS is being able to understand and appreciate different cultures and differing points of view from one's own. I am a Punjabi from Lahore who is living with a Pathan from Islamabad and a Gujarati Mohajir from Karachi. If there is truth in stereotyping then we are all pretty much products of our cultures, perfect representatives of what a typical Punjabi, Pathan or a Gujarati would be like. And in our differences, we have found the most perfect harmony possible. We identify ourselves as one; the success of one means success of all. Our differences, from the famed Pathan volatility to Punjabi joviality to even Gujarati frugality, fit together like jigsaw pieces to make a completed whole. We do not begrudge each other's success, rather revel in it. We may continue to identify ourselves by our places of birth and by our upbringings, but our differences huddle together in unity under the umbrella of our being Pakistanis. -RAFIA AMBER, Lahore via email, September 28.