KARACHI Organised violent turmoil on sectarian and political grounds has claimed scores of lives so far, while killers are still at large. According to the reports, the ongoing target killing either for political or sectarian grounds have claimed several innocent lives. As many as 200 people have been killed in last couple of months during violence between the rival organisations or groups but mostly victims of the said violence are not affiliated with any political or religious background. People including passersby, commuters and other innocents had been victimized not by the gunshot alone but some of them were stabbed and tortured and even burnt alive in the car during sectarian violence. Orangi Town is the worst affected town of the city where some 25 people have been killed and over 100 wounded and most of them passersby and bystanders targeted during last couple of months. Miscreants intercepted and killed people after confirming the ethnical background of the victim. Similarly, sectarian killing claims some six lives of the doctors and various innocent Shias and Sunni just because of the school of thought of the person. A tragic incident taken place at Muslim Town located in Nagan chowrangi claimed three lives including the activist of banned outfit SSP Sipah-e-Sahaba, Noman and his two neighboring friend namely Nabeel and Ansar were sitting outside their house, in the wee hours on September 20th, when two unidentified culprits walked closed to them, resorted indiscriminate firing and managed to flee on a motorbike standing away from the crime scene. Police confirmed the affiliation of Noman as an activist of SSP while both the victims of the said target killing including Nabeel 21, Ansar 22 were innocent have had not affiliated with any political or religious party. Nabeel Ahmed son of Shakeel Ahmed was a student of Intermediate and have had learnt the Quran by heart, elder one among his seven siblings. Shakeel when contacted declined the affiliation of his son with any extremist group while said that his son was a student of Intermediate and also assisted his father in his construction business. Nabeel was like my whole world because his was eldest among other children, ruthless assailants could not imagine lose, I bore, the poor father remembered his son. He added that parents prayed for the children like Nabeel as he offered five times prayer and recited Quran daily in the morning and was much obedient. The neighbours of the deceased also called the incident unbearable loss for the families of Nabeel and Ansar. Raheel a friend of deceased while talking to TheNation told that both of his friends were innocent and victims in a spell of sectarian violence, which they perceived inhuman and un-Islamic. He said that they usually advised Noman to disassociate himself with SSP in their occasional gatherings. He explained that Ansar Ahmed son of Muhammad Ahmed was also elder son among his five siblings, having three younger sisters and a youngest brother. Ansar belonged to a lower middle class family as his father died two years back, used to work as a lift technician and working in double shift just for the fulfillment of his children desire and batter education. He told that Ansar and his mother had an in-house tailoring shop which was only way to run the household and feeding their children. It is pertinent to mention here that such an organised warfare provoking and fueling different groups and organizations, creating chaos in the city remained unchecked by the authorities and series of violence episodes continually is driving the city toward the bloodshed.