ISLAMABAD Awami National Party (ANP) in the Upper House Tuesday, on the second consecutive day, continued levelling allegations against MQM, holding it responsible for the target killings and mayhem in Karachi, while criticising Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik for his inactive role to control the situation in the metropolitan. The Senators, both from the treasury as well as opposition benches, criticised the Federal Government, provincial governments, intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies for their inability in curbing the menace of terrorism, target killings and violence in the country. The legislators urged all the political parties to shun their differences and rise above their personal interests and sit together to face the challenge of this menace. Taking part in the debate on the prevailing law and order situation in the country, Senator Zahid Khan of ANP termed the allegations of MQM legislator, Babar Khan Ghouri, which he had levelled against ANP in the Upper House the other day as baseless. He again registered protest on behalf of his party, saying that Dr Imran Farooq was murdered in London but in reaction, target killings got started in Karachi. Zahid Khan in a harsh tone asked why the intelligence report of the top intelligence as well as laws enforcement agencies about the involvement of a political party in Karachi mayhem was not being made public. He also presented that report before the chairman in the House. He also condemned the role of Interior Minister Rehman Malik in controlling the law and order situation of Karachi asking why Interior Minister was sitting idle even after seeing that report. He alleged that the Minister always claimed that the situation in Karachi was under control despite the fact that situation in the city was worsening with every passing day. He asserted that the killers of Dr Imran Farooq, slain leader of MQM, must be exposed to see hands behind his killing. He also appealed to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to take suo moto notice of May 12 killings in Karachi, so that it might be known who were the culprits behind those killings. He criticised the Sindh Government for its inaction against the miscreants to curb violence in Karachi. He said the innocent persons who were being killed in Karachi were not the representatives of any party rather they were Pakistanis and were being killed as part of a conspiracy. S M Zafar, hailing from PML-Q, also criticised the Government for its inability to run its affairs smoothly adding that when corruption and barbarism turned out to be uncontrolled in any society it resulted in bad law and order situation. Almost a dozen of legislators, both from treasury as well as opposition benches, participated in the debate before the House was adjourned to meet again on Wednesday at 4 pm. The Chairmen had to adjourn the proceedings of the House because of unavailability of Federal Interior Minister who had to conclude the debate as he had left the House early because of his personal engagement. Professor Ibrahim of JI said that there was no law and order in the country. He argued that there should be supremacy of law to attain peace in a society, adding that unfortunately, our leaders considered themselves above the law which resulted in deteriorating law and order situation. Hafiz Rasheed said that the Government had failed to establish its writ adding why the Government had not made public its policy regarding the drone attacks. Senator Selah Shah asked the Government why it was silent on the media stories revealing presence of Blackwater, a US security firm, in Peshawar and Islamabad. Hasil Bazenjo was of the view that the menace of terrorism in Balochistan was politically motivated. He reiterated in firm remarks that the Government should adopt zero tolerance to eradicate terrorism in Balochistan. Kazim Khan of PPP criticised the law enforcement as well as intelligence agencies for their failure to maintain law and order in the country.