LAHORE Much controversial but equally protected chapter of the task forces has been closed by the Punjab government, though a notification is yet to be issued in this regard. As per sources at the Civil Secretariat, the Services and General Administration Department has not received any order from the Chief Ministers Secretariat for issuing the notification; thereby dissolving the 'brainy task forces, which had eventually become a political muscle of the Punjab government over a period. However, provincial governments spokesperson, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed told The Nation that Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif had ordered for suspending the task forces immediately after the devastating floods. Certainly, not all the members of the task forces were being paid any salary, but the CM, in order to save maximum money for the flood-affectees, has ordered suspension of the working of the forces, he added. As per source, complete closure of the chapter would be done once a notification would be issued. Due to this, neither the disbursement of salaries has been stopped nor have vehicles been returned to the government by chairmen and members of the task forces, he said, while mentioning that the move is part of governments austerity measures, while the latter has also decided to take back the official vehicles, and withdraw of perks and privileges. In the last week of August this year, the govt had suspended six task forces because they had become a burden on public finances, observed the source. A notable move adopted after the floods was the closing down of yet another controversial project of Sasti Roti Scheme, while diverting Rs5 billion towards flood relief. No truth in change of govt To the surprise of many in political circles, Speaker Punjab Assembly, Rana Iqbal said on Tuesday said there was no truth in rumours of change of government in the country. Talking to the media after inauguration of a Sports Shop here, the Speaker, who belongs to the PML-N, said that talk of a change in the current set up was nothing but a storm in the tea cup. This storm will clam down in a couple of days, he remarked, while adding that people of Pakistan and politicians would reject any change of government through undemocratic means. He said that present government should be given the chance to complete its constitutional tenure. It merits mentioning here that Rana Iqbal is the first person from PML-N to come up with such a statement when other members of his party seem to be in favour of a change, though by democratic means. While statements from different PPP leaders dispelling impression of any change are understandable, but the statement by Rana Iqbal, who represents PML-N, has come as a surprise for many in the political circles. Or may be the PML-N has decided to support the PPP-led government as a result of some mediation from certain quarters.