LAHORE Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court Tuesday directed the federal government to allow meeting with the visitors and security protocol to Pakistans nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan in compliance with the court orders passed on May 28, 2010. The case for implementation of Dr AQ Khans fundamental rights was argued on Tuesday. Barrister Syed Ali Zafar said in-spite of the repeated orders by the court that Dr Khan was a free man and entitled to basic rights, the government was constantly violating the orders. Zafar, who earlier this year, had filed a petition on behalf of Dr Khan to fight for his fundamental rights of free movement and meeting with his friends and relatives. He said that every citizen of Pakistan is entitled to freedom of speech and movement and no person can be denied these basic rights by the government under the garb of security. He further submitted that the government is continuously defying the various court orders and again put Dr Khan under house arrest without any case. As a result, Dr Khan was forced to write a letter to the court that how court orders were being violated at the government level. Zafar said that Dr Khan had been denied access to the media and his other visitors. He was grateful to the court which took cognisance of these letters and fixed the case for hearing. It may be noted that Dr AQ Khan in his letter has also pleaded to the court to issue fresh instructions to Ministry of Interior and SDP in this regard. Through the instant order the court has directed the authorities to comply with the order in letter and spirit. The court also called for a reply from the state on October 8, 2010. Dr Khan addressing the court through letter said, Sir, I thought you had explicitly declared me a free citizen, free to move around (with intimation to the security) and anybody I wished to see. But it was revealed to me that the establishment and the intelligence agencies in Pakistan consider the judgments/orders of the courts no better than the dust of their shoes. That a person of my status who has made Pakistan secure from external oppression is being treated as worthless dirt this is a shame for this nation and for this country including judiciary. TV channels were stopped from interviewing me. I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the Pakistanis, both in Pakistan and abroad, to donate generously to the funds for the flood-affected people. I was not going to discuss any nuclear proliferation matter as per your orders.