KARACHI Pakistans top cueist Muhammad Sajjad and Asjad Iqbal made impressive starts in the Del Monte Snooker Cup which began here at Karachi Club on Tuesday morning. Organised by Pakistan Billiards Snooker Association, the competition will also be treated as trials to select a two member teams for the World Amateur Championship which will be held in Syria coming December. The finalists of the competition will automatically be selected in Pakistan team for Syria. Top 16 players of the country leading the national ranking table are appearing in the championship which is being sponsored by Del Monte first time. The sponsors who have promised to continue their commitment to the game on long term basis has placed Rs.0.1.2 million in prize money. Muhammad Sajjad who made Pakistan proud recently by winning Korat Cup in Thailand in the presence of top players from the host country gave away one frame in his one sided 4-frames to one victory over a weak opponent Nauman Awan of KPK. While winning 84-6, 77-38, 57-60, 71-14, 73-26, Sajjad registered two breaks of 62 and 63 to qualify for the prize winning highest break competition. Sajjads challenger province-mate Asjad Iqbal was more emphatic in outpotting his opponent Rambail Gul of KPK in straight four frames to nothing 61-16,101-6,70-29,43-15. Results of matches played on Tuesday. Umir Alam ( Sindh) beat Muhammad Asif (Punjab) 4-3 (28-74, 68-32, 17-69, 97-20, 72-47, 52-65, 58-25.) Abdul Sattar (Punjab) beat Imran Shahzad (Punjab) 4-1( 63-45, 77-50, 66-23, 2-77, 68-17). Asjad Iqbal (Punjab) beat Rambail Gul (KPK) 4-0( 61-16, 101-6, 70-29, 43-15.) Sohail Shahzad (Sindh) beat Qasim Kamani (Sindh) 4-2( 49-55, 83-13, 63-67, 65-32, 81-34, 65-15) Sharjeel Mahmood (KPK) beat Muhammad Javed( Punjab) 4-2( 31-97, 66-37, 60-50, 78-30, 37-62, 58-46).Shahram Changezi (Punjab) beat Muhammad Asif Toba(Punjab) 4-1( 65-8, 96-34, 58-47, 44-58, 75-35). Muhammad Sajjad (Punjab) beat Numan Awan(KPK) 4-1( 84-6, 77-38, 57-60, 71-14, 73-26). Imran Qamar (Punjab) beat Sultan Muhammad (Sindh) 4-2( 52-42, 71-38, 76-20, 45-70, 4-100, 63-31).