In support of what I had said in my last letter, let me quote Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Benazirs minister for power and irrigation. After he had parted company with PPP he gave an interview to a national daily in 1997. He said he and the prime minister had gone to a cabinet meeting in Sindh to canvass for Kalabagh Dam as he had done in the other assemblies. When he mentioned Kalabagh Dam, the chief minister stopped him saying please dont talk about Kalabagh Dam, our high command has rejected it once and for all. Benazir interceded to say, shah Saheb you are right, I was against the Dam because it was Zias Dam, but now that my experts have briefed me, I believe it is essential for Pakistan and also for Sindh. At another place Khar claimed that he received a letter from the prime minister congratulating him for his efforts on Kalabagh Dam but cautioning him not to go public until she had prepared grounds for it in the party. A 'Benazir Bhutto Dam was very much on the cards at that time. But on going out of power soon after, she started opposing the Dam again, because now it had become Nawazs Dam. When Nawaz Sharif made a television appeal for it, she sat mum and let the people in Sindh and Punjab to raise such a howl that Nawaz Sharif had to drop the idea. The people in Sindh and Punjab being unaware that as prime minister she had agreed to build the Dam, keep on opposing Kalabagh Dam because of her earlier opposition. Therein lies the tragedy for the 18 crore people of Pakistan. At the time that she wanted to build KBD, a party member made so bold as to ask her, then why did she oppose it at first, her argument, How could I have supported Zia on anything when he had hanged my father. In opposing governments, our politicians never differentiate between what is purely political and what is of national interest. Khurshid Anwer, Lahore, September 28.