There have been two letters on Kalabagh dam in the Daily nation of 27-09-2011 commenting upon my earlier letter. One doubts the statement of Governor Punjab Sardar Khosa as a political one. The other objects to the proposed name of Benazir dam. We should not doubt the statement of Governor Punjab as the intentions are only known to Allah Almighty. One should take people on face value. A drowning man even catches at a straw. When the nation is drowning in repeated floods any hopeful sign is welcome. Moreover Punjab has a large heart. Why blame Benazir for a political statement when Gen late Zia-ul-Haq and PM Junijo held the fort when the tender documents for Kalabagh dam were not floated. In fact late Gen Zia listened to late Gen Fazal-e-Haq who opposed tooth and nail Kalabagh dam. Late Gen Zia did not bat an eye while hanging late Benazirs father and what could he care for late Benazirs statement. A baby is not yet born and we are disputing the name of baby. I would not mind even if it is named Mr. 10 percent as long as it is built. As far as Supreme Court is concerned there is a pending case since year 2000 about Kalabagh dam in a Constitutional petition which has not so far been decided so there is little hope in following that track. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, September 28.