It is most shocking to note that a PIA domestic fight from Islamabad to Karachi carrying 116 passengers took off without a backup generator and after one of the engines stopped functioning, an emergency landing was made at Multan airport. It must be investigated how the plane was permitted to get airborne with a faulty generator putting the lives of the passengers in danger. The incident reflects poorly on PIAs engineering and technical standards because such reports keep surfacing every now and then. Indeed not only in terms of maintenance of aircrafts and professionalism, but also from the management point of view the national flag carrier has fallen to a very low standard. Given the fact that Haj pilgrims from now onwards could only choose to travel by either PIA, or Shaheen Airline or the Saudi Airline, the national airline needs to set its house in order. Carrying pilgrims is a major duty, but the current state of affairs raises serious doubts about PIAs competence to carry out the assignment in a professional and secure manner. Also, it needs to be ensured that the Haj fare is not raised during the entire season. The aforementioned incident of technical failure points to the PIAs dereliction of duty that amounted to playing with the lives of the passengers and the need for a backup generator on the plane.