Yet again the Somali pirates have seized a Kenya bound ship with eight Pakistanis on board 900 miles off the coast of Mogadishu. They are demanding $8 million in ransom. Reportedly, the hostages are being kept hungry and subjected to torture. The previous attack that occurred ten months back, when a ship was captured with a number of Pakistani hostages, it was with great difficulty that social worker Ansar Barney was able to collect the ransom and secure the release of captives. These pirates seem to have become a regular nuisance. We cannot meet their demand of paying heavy ransom every time they seize a ship with Pakistani citizens on board. It is quite clear that concrete action is needed to eradicate the menace of piracy, which is common particularly in high seas off the coast of Somalia, where the pirates have become so organised that they are able to net millions of dollars each year. The pity is that the world powers despite knowing that these rings operate in a certain zone have done nothing to deal with them. The condition that action against pirates can only be taken when they take law in their hands or get violent is quite strange. Why wait for them to first seize a ship and hold sailors captives? Action must be taken against them because they are now getting out of control.