With the prophets of doom prophesying Pakistan’s end and the world media crying itself hoarse about the ostensible failure of Pakistan as a state, it is very easy to escape those aspects of Pakistan that make this country what it actually is, i.e. a truly great nation.

I bring to notice a few selected spheres of influence where Pakistan has truly blazed a trail. Pakistan is now home to some to some the finest universities there can be. The Agha Khan University, Lahore University of Management Sciences, National University of Science and Technology, FAST, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and the Ghulam Ishaq Khan University are those newly established universities that have joined the ranks of older Pakistani educational institutions.

The media in Pakistan is the most independent and free in the world as are the world-class journalists that comprise this institution. Added to this are scientists such as Dr Abdul Qadir and our own philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, who runs a large charity currently, operating in the country. The Edhi Trust runs the largest number of ambulance network in the world and is completely free; it is run completely on donations.

Pakistan has produced master painters, such as Sadeqain, Abdur Rahman Chughtai, Ustad Allah Baksh, Shakir Ali and others who are just not famous in this region, but are predominant features of many art auctions all over the world at Sotheby’s and Christies. I am actually guilty of not continuing this letter any further as it has already become lengthier than what I think will be comfortable for most people to read. Otherwise, I could go on and on.


Karachi, September 25.