ISLAMABAD - The civil and military authorities in a joint reply to the Supreme Court order has once again denied there was any covert or overt military operation in Balochistan and rejected the impression that secret agencies were operating proxy death squads in the province.The four-page written statement submitted Friday by Balochistan Chief Secretary Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad said that no missing person was being detained by any civil or military agency, though efforts were being made to find out such people who are allegedly missing, adding that defence secretary has already filed affidavit in this regard.Commenting on the joint reply, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said the government has already denied any role of agencies in the disappearance of people in Balochistan. He cautioned that the issue should be resolved before they reach a dead end, and urged the president, the PM, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and other political leaders to play their role for resolving the issue. He termed the return of Akhtar Mengal as a major breakthrough.The court refused to take federation’s version on the issue from Attorney General Irfan Qadir telling him that after the joint reply filed by Balochistan chief secretary, there was no need for a separate statement of the federation. The three-judge bench made Balochistan MPA Sadiq Umrani’s suggestions part of court record and adjourned the hearing till October 8, 2012.The chief justice said that the courts are functioning in accordance with law and constitution. This court, he said, would fully use its jurisdiction and authority in the case. He said that from October 8, they would hear the case in Quetta. He said the bench members may also make surprise visits to different areas of Balochitan.“We (would) like to visit Dera Bugti and Noshki,” the CJ remarked. The chief secretary said that the situation in Balochistan was not so bad that they cannot visit areas other than Quetta. Babar Yaqoob informed the court that the provincial government was paying compensation to the victims’ families.The chief secretary told the court that the prime minister was out of Islamabad but he was gracious enough to respond immediately and hold a meeting on the measures suggested by Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal before the Supreme Court on Thursday.According to the statement, the meeting was attended by Army chief and ISI DG; federal ministers of Defence, Information, Law and Justice, and Postal Services; Defence secretary; attorney general; principal secretary to PM and Balochistan chief secretary.The joint reply of civil and military high official submitted by the chief secretary read: No covert or overt military operation is being carried out in Balochistan by the armed forces. No person alleged to be missing is in the custody or under detention of any law enforcing authorities or any other agency of Pakistan. Despite this all out efforts are being made to find out the whereabouts of the persons who are allegedly missing.In this regard detailed statements and affidavit has already been filed on record of the court. Lodging of FIR has been ordered by the government and JITs for conducting the investigation have also been constituted and recently the government of Balochistan has approved a compensations policy for the legal heirs of deceased persons.The government has always believed that all the political parties in Balochistan should participate in political activities without any interference from any quarter. In this regard any concern by any person whosoever shall be addressed so that the forthcoming election should take place in a transparent manner through participation of all political parties.In order to address the concerns, the government took various steps including provincial autonomy through amendment in the constitution, 7th NFC Award, Aghaz-e-Haqooq Balochistan, withdrawal of criminal cases against various political leaders of Balochistan including Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal.The government has always believed and still believes in a political dialogue with that segment of Balochistan leadership which has got certain differences with the government and that differences are part of democratic process. The differences if any would not allow anyone who is a patriotic citizen of Pakistan to speak against the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan.