I recently went to Shakargarh to attend a marriage ceremony. While there, I stepped over to a shop to buy some cigarettes. I saw a sight that astounded me, a person on a motor-cycle asked the shopkeeper for some petrol and he handed him a bottle of petrol. This in itself was amazing; I then looked around and saw many shops having bottles of petrol. In the light of recent fire in Karachi that killed 300 people, I was expecting people to be more careful with inflammable objects. The media had shown the inferno and the many people who lost their lives, but we as a nation are careless of human life until a disaster occurs. And then we start blaming everyone for the incident.

There was a school nearby as well. There were twelve shops selling open petrol inviting disaster. It seems there was no petrol pump in the area. The open selling of fuel can be dealt with by providing a petrol pump in the locality. In the absence of any implementation of law in our country, or any kind of checks and balances, everyone can do as they please. I would like to request the government to take notice of such carelessness and make sure that human life is preserved by removing such dangerous items from open markets.


Vie e-mail, September 25