According to media, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that Pakistan has decided to launch a military operation against the militants in North Waziristan. For the last several years, Pakistan is facing a lot of pressure from the US to launch military operations in North Waziristan. The reality is that at the moment things are going from bad to worse inside Pakistan after South Waziristan operations. Terrorist attacks and suicide bombings have become a matter of routine even army installations and high security areas are not safe from militant attacks. Pakistan military and civil government does not want to open another front in North Waziristan. The Government feels that in case of any military operation some pro government militants groups, such as the Mulavi Nazir group, can turn their guns at the government.

After continuous US drone attacks and killing of civilians, the people of North Waziristan are already angry and against the government. In case of military operation, it will mean more deaths, more destruction more suicides and revenge attacks.

The US does not realise that military operation is not a permanent solution. They have large US and Nato forces in Afghanistan and they are unable to curtail or monitor attacks on Pakistan’s boarders. These militants are getting weapons and support from inside Afghanistan to attack Pakistan. Unfortunately, after several aid packages announced by US, Pakistan tribal belt is still considered to be the poorest area of the country where no proper education and medical facilities are available.

After long years of war and fierce fighting between different groups thousands of people are forced to leave their home, the remaining families are living in miserable conditions. This war-torn area lacks the opportunity for trade or commerce. Drone attacks have destroyed schools, hospitals, shops and other places indiscriminately. Several areas have become breeding ground for militants. The US and Pakistan war alliance has not been able to provide any economic support to win the hearts and minds of these people leaving them at the mercy of hate mongers.


Jeddah, September, 27.