The chaos seen on September 21 on the streets of our country saddens everyone. Who can we blame for this irrefutable horrific day? We can blame illiteracy, lack of moral values, no proper religious guidance and the political leaders. But we should analyze our condition and the path that we are treading with such dangerous speed. Where are our scholars and clerics now when we need them? Why have they become weak and ineffective in contributing to society?

This proves that we are in dire need of understanding the fundamental teachings of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) that tells us how we must behave in society. Instead of focusing just on science and math’s, we must reserve a larger chunk of time for Islamic studies that needs to be taught comprehensively as a complete way of life, not merely as a burdensome extra subject that the students may go through to get passing marks.

The best thing that we may extract from this upsetting episode is to start a process of self-examination that may lead to self-correction.


Rawalpindi, September 25