As a law abiding citizen, I checked how many SIMs were in my name by using the 668 SMS facility provided to me. I was shocked to discover that there were 2 extra SIMs than the ones I actually have. These extra SIMs had been discontinued and disconnected 5to 6 years back. I contacted the Telecom Company, which was my service provider, and they assured me that I could confirm the SIMs I was using and the rest would be marked as deactivated.

What I fail to understand is why the SIMs I had deactivated 6 years ago were still showing in the PTA’s database as my SIMS? Why don’t these very prominent and established companies keep a better data base which is upgraded with the correct information? What if somebody uses the SIM which is in my name and I will have no clue about it whatsoever. I demand to know when there is so much hue and cry about crackdown on illegal SIMS (as a vital part of anti crime effort), why are the Telecom Companies not doing anything about this? Why is PTA not able to play its role?


Lahore, September 24.