Common adages tell us that the wise will learn from their past mistakes and remember never to repeat them because of their previous experience. That vital sense, it seems, has not reached the doors of our political leaders who remain bent upon talking to a relentless and brute force like the Taliban, even after citizens and government workers have lost their lives left, right and center. So lacking in basic foresight and oblivious to past carnage, some of our politicians have even gone so far as to suggest an office for Taliban in one of the main cities of Pakistan. One is compelled to think of this as a sick joke.

On Friday alone, 19 were killed and 43 were injured in yet another terrorism attack in Peshawar when a bomb exploded in a bus carrying government employees near Gulbela area in the outskirts of the city. Witnesses explained the harrowing incident in grisly detail. Before this attack, the unforgettable twin blasts in a church in Peshawar left dozens dead and more than a hundred badly injured. These two gruesome occurrences should suffice enough as proof for the government and supporters of negotiation against the idea of talking to the Taliban. There is simply no wisdom or safety in such a step, and one can say it is akin to stepping over the bodies of these innocent citizens to talk to their killers.

Prior to these two recent attacks, a glance over Pakistan’s war against the Taliban in the past decade should simply teach those proposing talks that prioritizing false hope over history is a terrible blunder. Thousands of soldiers and civilians including women and children have lost their lives in this battle of ideologies. In those ten years, the proposition to bring the Taliban and the government to the same table has failed tremendously.

Any attempt to open an office for the Taliban is more than just counter-productive; it is complicity in aiding the enemy. In addition to that, ceasefire will also grant them simple carte blanche in the country. Political parties, such as PTI and PML-N, which propose talks, fail to realize that any official step leading toward the entry of the Taliban into mainstream politics will only abet them into wrecking more terror and violence. Proponents of talks should learn that this growing reign of terror deserves a direct operation, not a fancy office in the city.