Recently my uncle felt intense pain in his chest and knowing that this can be serious we rushed him to the Civil Hospital Shahdadpur. A staff nurse came and ran an ECG test and showed the report to the doctor. The doctor on duty did not look at the report or speak to my uncle or me about his condition. My uncle and I were very upset on speaking to the nurse on duty; she referred us to the Emergency Ward that was quiet far away from the cardiology ward. We had to walk there and back; the official in charge of emergency ward asked us for payment and then sent us back to the cardiology ward.

We come back to the cardiology ward where the nurse told us that the ECG report was normal and the patient needed no treatment. Now my uncle was in bad condition. The pain had increased and no doctor on duty had seen him or his report. We belong to a poor family and cannot afford private doctors or clinics, which mean that we have no choice but to go to the government provided health facility were the poor, are not treated properly. Is there no one who we can complain too? It is shameful that these doctors who take an oath to serve humanity only serve themselves at the cost of the poor patients. I need justice for my family from the government.


Shahdadpur, September 26.