The economic hub of Pakistan and seventh most populated city in the world, Karachi is being recognized as the most dangerous for some years. It has become a city of rubble from where businessmen are pulling out as well as all the people who invested in small and large businesses are leaving. Unremitting lawlessness, target killing and rise in crimes have made life miserable for all Karachites.

A lot of criminal groups are working in different areas of Karachi with very strong political or religious backing. They are not afraid of any kind of operation. The height of the failure of the recent Operation in Karachi is that they were able to catch very few criminals every day, even after the agencies supported them and provided them information. What they fail to realize is that this is making a mockery of democracy and is damaging it as well as the democratic norms. Public is deprived of all fundamental rights, as democracy only remains a word much touted.

In a meeting, PM Nawaz Sharif decided to restore peace and root out the criminals with calibration of the provincial government of Sindh by a ‘Targeted Operation of Rangers’. Rangers have been trying to create peace by eliminating anti-state actors, but it has failed as they are protected by political game players. MQM which had asked for this operation is now creating hurdles to protect its own criminal wing. MQM is accusing that this targeted operation has now become an operation against them. The progress made by the police and the Rangers is not satisfactory to anyone as they have failed to provide security to common man.

Neither Rangers nor Police can overcome the vulnerable situation of Karachi. If political parties are serious to set peace, they will have to accept all documents against them with perseverance which are unpalatable for them. Government need to ascertain the ground realties of the victimized areas. It should operate according to the know facts provided about certain locations and the criminals hiding there.

The Police department must work as an autonomous department as is done in western countries without any political pressure. Any department of our state should not be given the right of interfere in the

Police Department’ works. Appointments of all police officials should be on merit but unfortunately even the lowliest of appointments is done either by bribery or as a favour to please relatives or friend. The recent report of Supreme Court shows that weapons are being smuggled from America, Israel, Russia and India to disturb the peace of Karachi. Our Government must take precautionary measures to defeat the killing wave of violence or we may never be able to win back our major industrial city and our only seaport.


Islamabad, September 23.