The rise in attacks on our civilians seems to be in direct retaliation to the drone attacks on Waziristan, what kind of game is the USA playing in our back yard? Does anyone, who has lost a loved one, understand? Why is Pakistan at war? At war with whom? Are we all sure all this killing is being done by some religious fanatics or are we playing into the hands of the international players by accusing these turbaned militants as they have been dubbed? Has anyone dared to venture inside Waziristan to get a true picture or ask why we are in this war?

I understand that the majority of the people are illiterate in our country and so they can be taken for a ride, but what of the educated 35 percent why are they giving in to international propaganda?

The continuous drone attacks could have instigated these Pathan tribes to come into Pakistan and kill some people, but shouldn’t they have targeted the Americans, rather than innocent people? Maybe they are not educated but they have a strong sense of religion, as Islam is a religion of peace, why are they doing this? Who is asking them? What we are doing is playing this deadly game in complete dark!

The recent air strike in the Shawal area of North Waziristan, seven people lost their lives. Pakistan is trying to expresses its seriousness on the issue and have also raised the matter with the United Nations, but to no avail maybe it’s time we took the law into our own hands and shoot down these drones as Iran did, in our defense? Why must we continue to sacrifice our innocent public, our minorities and our armed soldiers to appease a far away, so called ‘friend’ who is not doing anything on any level to help us?


Lahore, September 23.