I would like to request our government to look into the problematic Excise & Taxation Department Punjab, which instead of helping honest citizens pay taxes is making them jump through hoops. The nation was informed that the Excise & Taxation Department Punjab is computerising the data of all the vehicles; this process has become very troublesome as about 80 percent of the data entered on their website is wrong which is why the public is panicking to get it corrected.

Instead of apologising for their mistake, they have cancelled the registration numbers of the vehicles and have charged Rs.1100 for a new registration book and new number plate, which is sent to the owner by courier. I would like to know why people are being punished for the mistakes made by an incompetent organ of the state. Despite all this, I deposited the money in April 2014, but the number plate has not yet been sent to me. The people working for Excise & Taxation Department Punjab do not feel that they need to respond to any query from the public. Their behavior towards people, who go to get information, is dreadful. This is a public service department of the government and our taxes pay their salaries, they are there to serve the people, not for their personal vendettas or gains but someone needs to instill this kind of thinking in our bureaucracy.


Lahore, September 25.