Our legal system in most cases is a copy of the criminal justice system of the past colonial masters. In the wake of the recent ongoing sit-ins, several juveniles, having political affiliation and sympathy with PAT and PTI, and also others, apolitical juveniles, were arrested by the Punjab Police in their raids throughout Punjab province and Islamabad Capital Territory. It was really painful to see and hear about the way police personnel violated juveniles’ rights guaranteed by the law of the land and international law. They were treated in a manner which was in violation of juvenile’s sense of dignity and worth.

Indeed, numerous anomalies exist between the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Code regarding the handling of juveniles. Those discrepancies needed to be eliminated. To satisfy international standards, an effective juvenile justice system requires dedicated facilities for children at times of arrest, trial and detention. Above all, the police and other relevant stakeholders must be sensitised about juveniles and their handling.


Islamabad, September 27.