LAHORE - Appreciating services of Lady Health Workers in combating dengue, polio and other epidemics, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has stressed the need for arranging coordinated training programme and refresher courses for allied health staff for ensuring provision of better facilities to the suffering humanity.

Speaking at a function arranged for distribution of confirmation letters among LHWs, LHSs, drivers and other staff on Sunday, he directed Adviser on Health and Secretary Health to arrange a programme of coordinated training for capacity building of allied health staff.

Punjab Government regularised services of over 52,000 ad hoc employees of National Programme for Family Planning and Primary Healthcare.

Shahbaz Sharif announced to give these officials the salary for the month of October in the next grade. He said that longstanding demand of LHWs and LHSs has been fulfilled and now it was their responsibility to perform duties with more dedication and commitment. He said that LHWs were performing sacred duty of mother and child healthcare and prevention of viral diseases.

He said that regularisation was their right which has been given to them.

He said that Punjab government has evolved a revolutionary programme for empowerment of youth, provision of job opportunities and development.

He said that sit-in in Islamabad has caused irreparable damage to economy as well as affected development process and welfare programmes. He said that those creating an artificial crisis in the country should take pity on 180 million people. He said that the only way to achieve the goal of national progress and prosperity was to rise above personal interests and differences and work for stability of the country. He said that equitable distribution of resources would have to be ensured to avoid a bloody revolution.

He said that those staging sit-in could not tolerate the sweat of labourers and want to bring revolution by embracing the elite. He said that the government took the first step toward national progress and prosperity but an artificial crisis has been created that caused irreparable loss to the economy.

He appealed to people to make collective efforts for progress and development of the country.

He said that gulf between rich and poor was widening. On the one side elite avail all facilities whereas poor are living a miserable life, he said.

He said that unwise elements should immediately reconsider their attitude.

God forbid, if there is revolution and the poor rise to get their right, then these palaces would not exist and this would be the real revolution, he said.

He stressed the need of setting up such a society where justice and equality prevail. He stressed the need of getting benefit from the big human resource of LHWs and LHSs for eradication of viral diseases. He urged LHWs and LHSs to play their due role for eradication of epidemics and provision of healthcare to mother and child in flood-hit areas. He said that flood has caused massive destruction in Punjab and lakhs of people were displaced. He said that it was time to spend Eid day with affectees and share their joys.

Adviser on Health Kh Salman Rafiq said that Punjab government has regularised the services of LHWs and LHSs that has materialised dreams of thousands of families.

President Lady Health Workers Association Punjab Rukhsana Anwar and Lady Health Supervisor Nasreen Mansoor said that they have no words to express their thanks for Shahbaz Sharif.

They said that by regularising the services of 52,000 LHWs and LHSs, Shahbaz Sharif has proved that he was real Khadim-e-Ala.

Parliamentary Secretary on Health Kh Imran Nazir, Secretary Health and DG Health Services were also present.