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They're one of Britain's most recognisable families so it comes as little surprise that the Beckhams are thought to be worth half a billion.

As David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper make waves across a multitude of industries, experts estimate that the value of brand Beckham is now at almost half a billion pounds ($771m).

Specialists at the London School of Marketing have compiled the data by looking at the different business ventures and the marketing value of the world famous family. As Victoria's latest collection, which was recently presented at New York Fashion Week, firmly establishes her as a well respected fashion designer, it is clear that brand Beckham is a lot more than a retired footballer and his family, say experts.

Indeed, they estimate that brand Beckham generates between £30 to £40 million per year. If these figures are anything to go by, the famous family are richer than the Queen, who, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, has an estimated fortune of £340m. The experts concluded that the Beckham marketing power resides in the family's three main corporate vehicles: Footworks, where David's football related revenues are collated, the Beckham label, for all their endorsements, and Beckham Venture, for Victoria's fashion business.

Current estimates put the value for Footworks at £150 million, the Beckham name at £70 million and Beckham Ventures at £60 million.

This, combined with their non-business assets of an estimated £190 million, puts the family name at a total value of £470 million.