It seems he is still a big Baby at heart. For Justin Bieber looked like he was having a great time showing off his skateboarding skills in Australia on Sunday.

The pop pixie showed a rare talent for flipping out as he pulled off all manner of impressive tricks in the sprawling metropolis that is Melbourne.

Justin, 21, looked quite the little rebel as he sped around on his board in a white T-shirt, baggy trousers and trendy sailor-style shoes. The pint-sized chart star completed his look with a baseball cap, which he wore both conventionally and in the much edgier back-to-front fashion.

Amazingly the good people of Melbourne did not seem to realise a member of pop royalty was in their midst, for passersby just ambled on as Canada's finest export pulled off his breathtaking tricks and flips.

The whining multimillionaire has just revealed he was furious about the rockstar reception he received on arrival back to Australia on Sunday.

Early in the day, he dutifully gave waiting crowds in Melbourne high-fives and posed for photos with fans. But just hours later, the vented his rage about fans screaming for shots with him on Snapchat, and attempted to school them on the best way to approach a man of his considerable talents.

Justin's voice can be heard saying: 'The way you ask or approach me when you want a photo with me is going determine if I take a photo or not.’