Peasant councilors of the district have demanded of the government to distribute wheat seeds among poor farmers through them.

The demand was made at a meeting held here on Monday. Osman ullah chaired the meeting in which a large number of councilors were in the attendance.

Osman ullah said that the peasant councilors will not be silent spectators on unjust distribution of forms of Insaf food security programme.

“To bypass peasant councilors and distribute IFS forms among poor growers through village councils’ nazims is intolerable”, he maintained. He said that the election of peasant councilors was aimed at to raise voice for farmers and play an effective role in resolving their problems.

Another Nazirullah said that to distribute Insaf food security forms among farmer through VC nazims instead of peasant councilors by the government was beyond comprehension.

“The government should protect the rights of kisan councilors for the betterment and well being of poor peasants”, he added.

A peasant councilor Raza Khan said that farmers of Lakki Marwat district in particular and of entire province in general were confronted with numerous problems and that the wrong policies of government had multiplied their miseries.

The peasant councilors demanded of the government to take notice of the matter and direct quarters concerned to delete the role of VC nazims in Insaf food security programme.

They also demanded that peasant councilors should be tasked to identify poor farmers having land up to 24 kanal for getting wheat seeds.