A few weeks ago, I was surfing through different channels that suddenly breaking news caught my attention.

‘’Students carry out ‘suicide pact’ during assembly in Karachi.’’

After reading this statement, I checked for the whole story. The more I get into the details, the more I feel depressed.  Both the boy and the girl were the students of matriculation. The 16 year old boy killed his female classfellow during the assembly session in Gulshan-i-Fatima school in Patel Para. After killing her, he shoots himself as well. This tragic incident happened in the class that both the girl and the boy attended while rest of the school was attending the daily assembly session. Sources report that the boy and girl were having an affair but their parents had not allowed them to get married. So they mutually agreed to commit suicide. This incident left me speechless. But the thing that shocked me more is that only a month or so later we have already had forgotten this incident just like Kasur case. How cruel does a society have to be to move on without thinking about the reasons behind such disastrous incidents?If we really want to move on then instead of ignoring these incidents, we should focus on finding out and tackling the reasons behind such heinous crimes.

India’s current Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, once said that we don’t need to conquer Pakistan through war as we have already done it through our TV and movie industry. Leaving the first part aside, I agree to the second part of the Sushma’s statement. Our TV channels and cinema screens are densely occupied by Indian movies and dramas. And the most interesting part is that we love to watch them and considered them just entertainment. We don’t focus on their consequences.

Watching Indian movies and dramas has spoiled most of our young generation who fantasizes them and consider themselves a part of the love stories shown in those pieces of entertainment. Bollywood movies like ‘’Ishaqzaade’’ and ‘’RamLeela’’ show love stories where lead characters were deeply in love but because of social and religious differences and pressures, they couldn’t marry each other. So, together they plan to commit suicide and shoot each other in the end. Doesn’t it sound similar to the Karachi school incident ?

In the movies, it was just true love but when it comes to reality, it cost two young lives. The suicide letters, later found in the assembly ground, used sentences like:

‘’Issjanammeintu hum aiknaihosakymagar maar kar hum aik hon gyehain’’(“We couldn’t be together in this life, but we can be together after death”)

‘’Meri jaanthi us meyaurmein us seyalhedanaihosakta’’ (“She was my life, I cannot be separated from her”)

Sentences like these clearly point towards the fact that these school kids were highly inspired by Indian movies. But we cannot blame the Indian media entirely for such incidents.Pakistani movies and TV industry is also responsible.

We make dramas that are mostly focused on love stories. We even show dramas in which the girl and boy fall in love either during lectures in university or whiledoing a project together. In the end, they both become successful in their separate careers and personal lives. This obviously does not happens in real life because of demanding studies and tons of assignments. Instead of focusing on the content, our media industry focuses more on ratings.

However, the prime responsibility for such incidents lies on the shoulders of parents. To enjoy our lives and to focus more on financial and domestic issues, we handover the remote to our children and make ourselves free from the responsibility of making them better people for the society. We don’t check the kind of content our children are watching on TV as we are happy that they are not bothering us. These are some of the reasons that, in my opinion, contribute towards the journey of spoiling the young minds that ultimately lead to such horrendous events.

These dreadful events will continue to happen if we continue beating around the bush instead of finding out what is inside the bush. I think we cannot afford more incidents like these as a nation because we have already lost so many precious lives in the fight against terrorism. It’s time to remove the veil that is preventing our eyes from seeing the truth. It’s time to stand up and find some productive solutions that benefit us as a country.

Directors and writers should focus more on the content of their movies and try to produce such media pieces that lead our future generation towards a better and brighter future. Indian dramas and Bollywood movies should not be promoted because their negative influence is much more than their positive influence. Now it’s time for parents to take the real responsibility of their children and keep a check on their little ones and keep an eye on what they usually prefer to watch. They need to give their children proper time and attention that they need and to teach them the basic lesson of morality and ethics that will definitely help them in their future life as individuals and as part of the society. Let’s stand together in building our bright future.